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A Trip From 2016 to 1993
Map Description:

With the new Classic Modules released alongside Arcade Mode in Free Update 4, I decided to get working on a map utilizing the Classic Modules as well as be a level that plays something like from the single-player Campaign. After some final touches, I have my map, A Trip From 2016 to 1993, pretty much completed.

A Trip From 2016 to 1993 plays similar to my previous maps, Echo Hell Rescue and Argent Energy Hell Hunt, with the core gameplay being similiar of those maps if you have played them by any chance. The biggest differences include, quite obviously, the Classic Modules, to make the best possible use of them as I can, as well player speed being similar to the Campaign, giving a more fresher feel in control this time around. My map also makes use of the Voice Comms and Blocking Volumes, although the latter is only used twice for the sake of keeping the action tight.

As for the rest, the map features of a three live system, where if you die three times, it's game over, as well as use of health and specific ammo pick-ups, to encourage going around the Modules for them, and plenty of enemies and events, to keep things interesting. Also, weapons are scattered around, some more hidden than others, so best to look around and find them to help you later on, as tougher enemy types would show up more often.

Once again, feedback would be greatly appreciated, to know what's wrong and what needs to be improved upon. Hope you enjoy!

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159 views Oct 24, 2016

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