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Argent Energy Hell Hunt
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Author: DumbMoron (Me)

My fourth map so far, made with the Hell Modules and Weapon Wheel in mind. The map is intended to be an action-packed single-player experience with story being at a minimal to ensure a proper single-player experience more akin to Classic Doom. The map features specific ammo types, use of Hell Props, the Demonic Announcer, secrets, and a three live system, lose them all, it's game over.

The story involves you as the lone Marine tasked to go into Hell to find a source of Argent Energy for the UAC to use. Of course, when you open the portal to Hell, all breaks loose and you pretty much have to clean up the mess as well as a source the UAC tasked you to find.

Story is basic and is just there and is only meant to keep things going, gameplay is the focus of course. I hope the map is challenging and fast-paced enough, so feadback would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy! ^_^


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114 views Aug 28, 2016

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