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Outpost 45: Chainsaw Edition
Map Description:

I decided to make this my final update for the map if interesting.  This is a linear single-player map which contains hell modules.  The goal is to reach the end to kill a powerful baron (buffed up even more on this one).  There are additional power ups and ammo on this one.  Of course, the chainsaw comes in handy in this one once easily found.  The lives are unlimited again but try to avoid dying anyway if you decide to play this one.  There are necessary elimination of all demons to progress further in the map.  There are four player starts which permit cooperative play (each player spawns in each different teleport pad from a different room)--there is only one working teleport pad you must find in the map.  Since the chainsaw is added, more demons were also added in some areas as well.


Title:  Outpost 45:  Chainsaw Edition



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143 views Aug 13, 2016

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