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Echo Hell Rescue
Map Description:


Author: DumbMoron (Me)

Echo Hell Rescue is my third SnapMap created so far, the level was made with the Hell Modules and Weapon Wheel in mind. Also,  the majority of ammo is specific in order to make it more like a single-player experience rather than just picking up universal ammo on the way.

Anyways, the story is that you're a lone marine sent to go into Hell and find the missing Echo Team, who have been off-comms for hours since they went into the portal. It has also been reported that the Echo Team have been influenced by Hell itself, so perhaps there's something fishy going on.

There's a few secrets here and there, some checkpoints, and a lot of little things that probably took me more time than just putting modules and enemies. Hope you enjoy!

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130 views Aug 3, 2016

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