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COLORY parkour
Map Description:

This is an original parkour map with puzzle elements build on a flat design.

The obstacles properties changed when their color change so troughout the map, you will see new gameplay mechanics involved.

Their is no turorial, you just have to understand by yourself how each block work in order to complete the map.

There is a lot of checkpoints so don't be scarded to try things out.

I put 8 secrets if you are curious enough.


There is 2 mode:

- Discovery mode that show you a little intro (pls tell me if it is **** xD I really gone crazy on this one).

this mode reward you for finding secrets.

- Run against time mode this mode calculate your time so you can compete on the leaderboard with other players/friends.

Here is some screenshots:





There is a lot of little suprises hide here and there too. 

I spend 100h+ making this map so please consider voting. (up or down)

If I see a lot of people liking this kind of map, I will do more! (You can also check my 1st map wich was a bit different - Parkour map - )

I'd loved to hear your feedbacks, questions, bugs report!

See you on the leaderboard! 

My personal best is 13939pts, what is yours?!

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Map Creator:
170 views Jul 11, 2016

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SnapMap Hub SnapMap Guru 1,420 points
Featured on SnapMap Hub
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Aug 3, 2016
Vynzt SnapMap Amateur 115 points
Cool thank you very much!
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Aug 8, 2016
Vynzt SnapMap Amateur 115 points
I realised my map wasn't playable since last patch. I updated it!
New ID:  U2E9PMF9
Name:  COLORY updated