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Candyland is now co-op enabled and has various other improvements in the lighting and encounters. If you haven't played yet, please play the updated version.


Original MAP ID: 8XDUXY5Q

Your job is to infiltrate Candyland and steal the secret recipe.

Before you do so, you need to find the briefcases full of C4 charges that our mole left behind. After finding them, blow up their reactor to cause a diversion.

Along the way, you may wish to collect the fragments of "candy" from Candyland. Each dose might give you that edge you'll need to succeed.





This is a solo or 2 player experience with difficulty selection, working checkpoints, unique and random encounters (each play-through), a global leaderboard, and an optional sidequest that has you hunting for 25 pieces of candy (though you can beat the map without doing this!).










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303 views Jun 8, 2016

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