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Dark Arena
Map Description:

My first map. Can you enter the arena and survive? Keep up the multiplier to get more points.

Playtime: around 20 min



+ reduced enemy damage by 10%

+ added medikit drops (<25%)

+ after every death 50 armor is added to all players

+ warning message when player health is below 30 HP



+ a little bit more hp for the boss

+ some Bugfixes



+ added overkill mode (score x 1000 when reached multiplier of 30)

+ bonus score added for all hazards cleared

+ bonus score added for arena survived

+ glory kills give now ammo instead of bonus score

+ new effects added

+ some HUD changes

+ flickering overkill notification added

+ bonus score values changed

+ no more ammo from support energy

+ removed par-time

+ more arena boss HP

Map ID:
143 views Jun 6, 2016

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