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Then I'll go to them
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DoomGuy travels to the abandoned part of the facility, where the Demons came from. Will he survive? Well yeah, but you know. "Suspense". Filled with amazing effects and packed with secrets. Enjoy guys. RIP AND TEAR!

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Balls Deep in the Dead
94 views May 20, 2016

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press_reset_ SnapMap Newb 60 points
I really liked your use of atmosphere in some of the rooms, as well as the exploding doors/entrances. Aside from a few little things (PoI markers staying in view, thats a pet-peeve of mine) the maps pretty well put together. ONE THING I would change, is the room with the secret Gauss Rifle. Put a PoI on the terminal in that room. I spent FAR too long looking around trying to open that door lol. Good Map!
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May 20, 2016
KneeDeepNTheDead SnapMap Expert 555 points
Hi! I literally JUST republished this on SnapMap! No more bugs! POI where it's needed and gets hidden immediately after. Thank you SO much for the compliments!