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In fact, this is an ordinary multiplayer arena with all the standard rules, but with the demon waves appears. And players must fight each other but without direct confrontation, but snatching the "fattest" demons and the best pickups from others. Same time, this map is excellent for beating your own record alone and practice in DOOM`s basics.

This competitive map based on the core DOOM gameplay – where you should effectively slay the demons, gets the pick-ups and trying to avoid to die.

  • Killing demons and picking up health, armor and ammo – gives you scores

  • Death is reduces your scores by 3666 points, so try to avoid it.

  • Performing a glory kills gives you x5 scores, but it is not giving you armor or health so it is not so easy to do.

This is classic free for all gameplay, so even playing with friends you still fighting against them and the rest of the world.

But while playing with friends you can find out who is the best in map control or demon killing tactics in real time!


The less time left before the release of the best shooter ever, the more i want to return to its previous part – Doom 2016

I really hope you guys will support this map and will play it at least until May 20 :))))

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985 views Mar 12, 2020

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