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Depot Alpha
Map Description:

Alpha Version of my duel map called Depot

Please give as much feedback as possible:

Map description:

Gameplay Settings:

Movement Speed: 125%

Ammo Capacity: 70%

Loadsout are disabled

Player Respawns: 5

Teleporters: 3

Timelimit: 10

Weapons available: 7 for pickup / 8 (with Starting Weapon)

Starting Weapons: Combat Shotgun


Weapons Available for Pickup:

Combar Shotgun (starting weapon)

Rocket Launcher

Super Shotgun

EMG Mark V

Lightning Gun

Vortex Rifle

Burst Rifle

Plasma Gun


Weapons contain the following ammo count after pickup:

Combat Shotgun: 28 Shells

Super Shotgun: 16 Shells

Plasma Gun: 140 Cells

EMG Mark V: 35 Cells

Vortex Rifle: 14 Cells

Lighting Gun: 140 Cells

Rocket Launcher: 10 Rockets

Grenades: 1 Grenade


Ammo available on the map:

Shells Ammo: 4

Rocket Ammo: 3

Bullet Ammo: 2

Cell Ammo: 4

Ammo Boxes: 3

Grenade Boxes: 2


Ammo refill count by ammo type:

Shell Ammo gives 4 Shells

Bullet Ammo gives 10 Bullets

Rocket Ammo gives 3 Rockets

Cell Ammo gives 20 Cells

Grenade Boxes gives 1 Grenades


Ammo Boxes refill weapon Ammo by the following amount

20 Shells to Combat Shotgun and 16 to Super Shotgun

50 Cells to Plasma Gun, 35 Cells to EMG Mark V, 6 Cells to Vortex Rifle, 50 Cells to Lightning Gun

28 Bullets to Burst Rifle

5 Rockets to Rocket Launcher

1 Grenade


Power Ups available:

15 Armor Shards (give 5 Armor each)

1 Armor Shield (gives 25 Armor)

1 Armor Suit (gives 50 Armor)

1 Mega Health (gives 100 Health and 100 Armor)


Health types for Pick up:

20 Small Healths (give 5 each)

3 Medium Healths (give 25 each)

1 Large Health (give 50 Health)


Item Respawn Times:

Mega Health and Large Health 60 Seconds

Armor Suit and Armor Shield 30 Seconds

All other types (weapons, ammo boxes, health meaning small and medium health, grenades respawn in 20 Seconds)


I have also included an item timer to help people out who are not familiar with item timing get the hang of it. So every time Mega Health, Armor Shield and Armor Suit get picked up a timer will show up in the player HUB counting down when the item will respawn next.

I will not keep this in the map for the future, but I am not sure if I should release a seperate "PRO" version of the map without the item timer or remove it completely. We will see

There should also be an Overtime System included. Meaning when the timer hits 10 Minutes and the players are tied it should reset the timer to 5 minutes and you should go again.

Let me know what you think about the map

Happy fragging :)

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1,157 views Jul 2, 2017

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