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Hyborem's Hell
Map Description:

This is a short, four level long campaign I've been working on as I experiment with snapmap designs. You can either search "Hyborem" or use the IDs below.

Part 1: 966UKK6L

Part 2: W9VCFUEL

Part 3: BP765MFA

Part 4 (Finale): A4V9G6Y5

There is variable difficulty that scales to how many players are in the match, or if you are feeling confident you can use the panel at the beginning of each level to increase it. Either way, it is ready for either solo or co-op play. Instead of secrets, there are challenge rooms you can try your luck at for an upgrade. Some boss fights and challenge rooms have special mechanics you have to keep an eye out for, but for the most part this is still pretty straightforward.

Bosses require glory kills and you are given a flat 4 lives per level. Enjoy!

Map ID:
Map Creator:
40 views Aug 20, 2016

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