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DOOM-troid Fusion V1
Map Description:

DOOM-troid Fusion


A game taking heavy influence from Metroid and similar games. Find bays to increase your stats which will raise your chance of survival. Find out what happened in the facility and find any survivors left in the space station. The map may start slow but begins rolling into non stop action the closer you get to the end.


Start off with very low base stats and build yourself up. find stat improvements hidden in the map or sitting in plain sight. Fight mini bosses to unlock mechanics such as ledge grab and double jump. Be wise with how to encounter enemies. Some enemies may not be glory kill-able, or may do a lot more damage than you think they do.


There may be a second level created after this one depending on how much people enjoyed this one. The object is maxed on 100%, so if some areas look bare, that's because I had to use that object space for more important things! Such as networking (it actually uses 0.01 - 0.02 for nodes) and items found on the floor.

Whilst this takes influence of Metroid, THIS IS NOT A RECREATION OF METROID! Don't expect an attempt to be a 1 to 1 from Metroid to doom, This still uses some classic doom action with events, waves, ect. If you're expecting a really in-depth story, this map doesn't have that sorry.

Please leave some feedback as I love all forms of it. It helps me as a map maker and could even be extremely useful in later maps or updates to DOOM-troid Fusion.


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Echo Nine
359 views Jul 31, 2016

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