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Five Charges
Map Description:

Five Charges is a short map that starts off moody and atmospheric, but ~8 minutes and lots of explosions later, you’ll have to catch your breath.  Inspired by a scene in VEGA Central Processing, Five Charges has you planting and exploding C4 charges to blow up a UAC facility amidst one enormous and fast-paced battle.

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161 views Jul 7, 2016

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Maki SnapMap Pro 255 points
I've updated Five Charges.  Still the same Snapmap ID: QCKZXP3D.  Here is a list of the changes:
- Fixed it being difficult to plant the first C4 charge because the door's Locked Text was interfering with the trigger's prompt text.  Placing a Player Blocking Volume in front of the door fixed it (thanks to HmmNess for helping to track this one down).

- Added some ammo to the intro modules, just in case the player happens to run out for some reason.

- Added another checkpoint near where the C4 is picked up.

- Relocated the Super Shotgun to a more obvious location in the main arena.

- Changed positions of some health and armor in the main arena.

- Added some lights and glowy bits to the main arena's central platform to try and highlight the fact that you can, in fact, jump onto it from below.  I've seen multiple playthroughs were players don't realize they can do that, which impedes their ability to move around the space because they think they have to use the Teleport.

- Changed the effects around the generators, making them more fiery so they don't get confused for the Teleporter.

- Placed barricades and lights around the Teleporters to draw them out more.

- Minor visual improvements.

- Updated description.
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Jul 11, 2016
Maki SnapMap Pro 255 points
I've updated Five Charges again to take advantage of some of the great features in the Update 2 patch.  The SnapMap ID is still the same: QCKZXP3D.

Things that have been updated:
- You can now carry 4 weapons at once.

- The arena now starts off with a Humid Haze atmosphere but transitions to Hot over time, instead of being a harsh Hot transition like it was before.

- Two jump pads have been added to the arena, the only significant gameplay change.

- Props have been flagged as Static to reduce Network load.

- Many lights have been tweaked to use the new lighting features.

- The exit terminal now has been replaced with the tripod panel.

- Various other fixes.