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The Descent
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Note: the linked video playthrough of my map wasn't created by me; be sure to check out HeadOfTheHerd's channel, like, subscribe and all that jazz.


The Descent [EA98PK7S]

Check out the Imgur album for more details: http://Imgur.com/a/Hk8nL

A little backstory: you and your team are being inserted into an infested UAC reactor facility to trigger an overload. The resulting explosion will wipe out all the demon-infested ruins surrounding the facility - the catch is that you can only be teleported into a single weak-spot via orbital weapons-array breach, and they can't teleport you out.

So your mission is simple: fight for access to the core, set it to overload, then escape before it blows up with you inside.

Styles after the mission structure of the classic DOS game 'Descent', it should be a familiar, tense and challenging experience that you can play through in about 20 minutes.

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241 views Jun 23, 2016

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