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SCREENSHOTS: http://imgur.com/a/Y4uJs

HARM III - MALICE is a Singleplayer, storyish map balanced around intense action and one-life.

  • Scripted environmental events for an immersive experience. The facility is decaying around you as it slips further into demon control.

  • Action-oriented, "realistic" design. The map layout and arenas you fight in have been designed to look like real rooms while maximizing combat potential. Combined with the environmental scripts, HARM III has an authentic look and feel to it and visceral combat that blends with the aesthetic.

  • Challenging, tweaked combat. I took feedback from my beta test and have further balanced the fights in this map. The fights should feel intense without being ridiculous. There will always be a place to run to for cover and replenish items. Enemies drop ammo so you can shoot until the rooms are covered in gore.

  • Non-linear. There are a few tasks to complete to reach the exit, but they can be completed in any order and stay simple so that you can focus on fighting and exploring.

  • Objectives, Points of Interest, Set-Pieces. Goals are discovered by interacting with the environment. There are a couple of terminals with notes left behind instructing you on what you should do.

  • Prepare to blast your way through the finale by procuring a BFG to confront a thick nest of powerful demons standing between you and your freedom.

  • Balanced for 1-Life.


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130 views Jun 19, 2016

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Jun 22, 2016
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Thanks for featuring me again! I'm glad to know you like my maps.