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Gears of DOOM! A horde homage
Map Description:

Gears of DOOM! a horde homage


Build fortifications & buy weapons and demons to increase your score and chances of winning

What makes this map unique?

    · Preview fortifications before purchase (preview: https://youtu.be/gads6RLUl4Q)

    · Ability to quit and save your progress at any time (your score and achievement progress!)

    · Designed for cooperative competition (leaderboards, score multipliers, combo kills, etc.)


Map details

As a callback to my inspiration, the player can choose to start with two different loadouts:

    · The Hammer w/charged shotgun and grenade

    · The Lance w/normal shotgun and shield wall

The player can also choose their starting wave and difficulty. Four difficulties are available:

    · Casual,

    · Normal,

    · Hard,

    · Insane.

INCREASED DIFFUCULTY awards the player with more CASH and SCORE.

    · CASH allows purchases for weapons, demons, and special events

    · SCORE allows everyone to compete on the leaderboards

The basics of the map and mode is also a callback to my inspiration: 50 waves with increasing difficulty in both monster type and monster buffs, and a random boss battle every 10 waves (i.e. at waves 10, 20, 30, 40, 50).

50 Wave design

    · Monster difficulty increases with each wave (e.g. “Wave 1” has workers while “Wave 8” has Hell Knights)

    · Every 10 waves enemies get tougher (increased HP and/or Damage), but monster type resets (e.g. Wave 1 and Wave 11 has the same monster types, but they’re tougher in 11!)

    · A random boss encounter at every 10th wave with unique scripting & music cues

    · Random BONUS challenges every 4 waves


So how do you earn CASH and SCORE? Well, the simplest way is to kill demons. Here’s a breakdown.

CASH and SCORE multipliers on killing demons

    · Four difficulty choices with SCORE multiplier (1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x) and CASH increases

    · Combo kills award more cash and score

    · Successive combo kills reward even more CASH and SCORE

    · Successive, successive combo kills reward the even mostest CASH and SCORE

    · Glory kills increase CASH and SCORE

Other CASH and SCORE multipliers

    · Player death decreases score (player revive gains it back if you can do it in time)

    · Completion of all 5 boss battle earns a large SCORE reward

    · BONUS challenges award more SCORE and CASH

    · Bosses award more SCORE and CASH

Yeah, okay, so you and some buddies grab some beers and go around killing demons, what else does this map have to offer? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Other features of the map:

    · Dynamic lighting as the waves progress (darkness encroaches as you near the boss)

    · Dynamic lighting for pickups, BONUS challenges, and other light sources

    · Dynamic objectives for pickups and BONUS challenges

    · Dynamic HUD that keeps track of Demons remaining and Wave #

    · BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE, “The Nuclear Option”, a scripted explosive event

    · A repurchasable BARON BUDDY

    · Ability to quit and save SCORE and ACHIEVEMENT progress between waves

    · A sarcastic VEGA with a kind heart (helps you out if you die too much)

    · The “1 PUMP CHUMP”, a 3 second BFG

    · Over 1200 demons (sure to get some SNAP MAP ACHIEVEMENTS)

BONUS challenge “name” & OBJECTIVE

    · “I can go for minutes”, DON’T DIE

    · “Where’s the cream filling?”, COLECT 12 DONUTS

    · “No protection needed”, DON’T USE EQUIPMENT

    · “I make my own way”, 6 GLORY KILLS

Weapons for purchase:

    · Rocket launcher

    · Plasma

    · Chaingun w/mod

    · Gauss Cannon

    · Vortex Rifle

Weapons by other means

    · Super Shotgun

    · BFG

    · The Nuclear Option (triggered weapon)


Go solo or with friends, play some waves, and see how you stack up against the competition. Happy killing!

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134 views Jun 17, 2016

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