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After browsing the SM for some Coop modes worth inviting friends over and having a lan party, I didnt find anything that quenched my tastes the way Gears Horde mode and Nazi zombies did. Many maps were messy (guns all over the place, little aesthetics) or didnt deviate from the template settings (game ends when one player dies, ridiculous)

So I present DOOM Horde Mode


map id: SPU7P9CP

Enemies drop a pooled resource called scrap, used to open doors and buy stuff around the map.

zombies and imps drop 10

soldiers and hell razers drop 25

hellknights, cacodemons, pinkies, revenants drop 50

Mancubus drops 75

Baron of Hell is worth 150.

Its a shared team resource, so do your best to be fair with your party members. Or if your alone, you can literally get every upgrade in the map, the upside of being a lone gun in a team game.

The room you start in has 1 large heath kit and ammo box, the rest are randomly spread across the map and in their appropriate facilities. This encourages a class based system, where if at the end of a wave one player needs health and another needs ammo, you can get upgrades to dispense them instead of splitting up across the map. You wont meet up in time for the next wave, trust me.

The Armory

-modded shotguns -mystery weapon (all weapons except the shotguns and BR) Also in the armory is the prototype room, unlocked for 200 scrap. contains Gauss Gun, EMP (map wipe), Damage upgrade, and shield wall.

I recommend going here first, the shield soldiers come as early as round 2 and the explosive shotty is the only way to deal with them effectively.

The Munitions Depot has

ammo refill

frag grenades

ammo dispenser

armor, equipment cooldown, and ammo capacity upgrades

and munition boxes upstairs

The Medical Room has

Health Upgrade

Vitals Refill

Health Dispenser

The Research Facility contains the powerups, which can be activated anytime using the user input 1, usually Y or L1. you can only have 1 powerup in your inventory at a time. This room is expensive to unlock so likely best left for last.

Also found here is the demon room, when once unlocked, gives a player the privilege of sacrificing himself to spawn the demon control grenade. This means this item is unavailable if playing solo, sorry. If you want to go this route its best to decide at the start what player will be sacrificed, and carry him through the rounds until you can afford it, as all upgrades are lost on death. Harsh, but worth it, as having Barons fight for you is clutch in later waves.

players respawn in between rounds if they dont get revived, with starting stats and the battle rifle. If the entire team dies its game over, so try to stay alive if you can. Stimulus packages of 500 scrap spawn every 6 minutes in the starting room.

If you guys want to play with me on xbox one, add my GT is abused bunny, I love playing Coop survival

a video of me playing this map alone and being killed by an imp can be found here


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abused bunny
939 views Jun 1, 2016

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