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Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/ITKut



A singleplayer map featuring:

  • Hand crafted fights. No AI spawners, every encounter is completely custom except one event.

  • Atmospheric without being dark. This is not Doom 3 Redux or reliant on "scariness".

  • Multiple routes through the map. Not just a string of corridors, the layout is inspired by Classic Doom1/2 design.

  •  Tackle several objectives in any order to switch the power station to backup systems and escape on the tram line!

  • Start with some hardware. I'm done with singleplayer maps where you blast zombies with the regular shotgun for 10 minutes. What about you?

  • Balanced for a One-Life run. Ran multiple times and fights continuously tweaked with many combinations of weapons and health levels to ensure you can't easily get cheap shotted.


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73 views Jun 1, 2016

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Awesome trailer, cool map, featured on SnapMap Hub
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Jun 2, 2016