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SplaDOOM (Splatoon recreated in Doom Snapmap)
Map Description:

Hi! So this project took quite a bit of work and quite a bit of lag from my pc, but it's done! it's not particularly pretty, but is pretty playable and fun! it's in pretty early stages of development, so if you see any bugs, glitches, imbalances, please let me know.

the round's duration is 3 minutes and max score is 175, which is probably impossible to reach, so the result will be based on how many tiles each team has.

so, for anyone who doesn't know what splatoon is, it's a third-person shooter exclusive for wii u, where the focus is on coloring the ground with your gun, instead of killing enemies (although that is also an option).

to fInd the map in snapmap you can just search for "splatoon".

thanks for your time and i hope you enjoy!

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599 views May 28, 2016

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SnapMap Hub SnapMap Guru 1,420 points
This is really cool, haven't seen this done before.
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Jun 2, 2016
SnapMap Hub SnapMap Guru 1,420 points
Your map has been featured on SnapMap Hub
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Jun 15, 2016