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VEGA's Testing Rooms
Map Description:

Story: VEGA is running some mobility tests on humans. But something strange happens during one of the testing rooms. VEGA was busy creating new test rooms but forgot about something, giving you the chance to escape.

Gameplay: This map is a simple Parkour map, more focused on story. Takes some inspiration from Portal, obviously, but it's rather short. There is a secret teleporter that will take you to the bonus secret tests that, I will be adding more rooms to if I wish to keep building parkour levels.

TL;DR: Short parkour map with portal inspired story. Bonus secret stages for more content if the map was too short, planning on adding more bonus levels in the future.

I don't usually make parkour maps so sorry if it's not really a good parkour/puzzle map.

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Map Creator:
Echo Nine
250 views May 28, 2016

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