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Phobos Reclamation [E5M1] v0.3
Map Description:

Snapmap code: BFL24VZ2

The UAC moon base on Phobos has been left in a state of disarray for months since Hell's forces took control of the facility and made it their home.

On a sensitive mission to recover UAC assets and discover the last known teleportation coordinates of the missing "Doomslayer", you and a covert team must make your way through the intricate Phobos facility collecting the three keycards necessary to make it into the Anomaly chamber. Sensors indicate an enormous demonic presence in the area and the fabric of reality itself is starting to tear.

There's no doubt this is a suicide mission. But the next rescue effort from Earth could still be weeks away.

Cooperative play supported.

  • The current challenging par time for available content is 7:00

  • There are 3 secrets in the available area

  • The first boss rewards 20000 team points

  • The second boss rewards 50000 team points

Please report to me bugs and suggestions you can as I might not see them all by myself (particularly coop ones).

Good luck! Updates coming soon.

Gameplay video: https://youtu.be/3KbA9lvVqXA

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325 views May 28, 2016

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Jun 2, 2016