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Morbid Temple (v.1.1.3)
Map Description:

Hi! This is the continuation of Dark Citadel (Map ID - QKXV6XZQ). As before, there are 7 different classes (loadouts) to choose from, 5 different boss fights with ramping difficulty. The map is quite long (at approx. 1h), so if you want to see all bosses, make sure you have the time! The third map in the series is currently on the way (Hell's Gate) so if you liked this map be sure to be on the look out for it! Also if you haven't already played Dark Citadel, give it a shot, as this is the map with which in mind Morbid Temple was created. Check out my profile - GrimKappa for more and hope you have great fun!

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129 views May 27, 2016

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