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Old School Survival Horror
Map Description:

Survival Horror - v1.2.1

I don't really have a title so I just called it survival horror. It's a single player level where you have the burst rifle and pistol as your weapons. Conserve your resources as there is a limited supply of health, armor and ammo. There are also a few secrets to find. You also only have one life, so take this level slow.

I took some inspiration from silent hill and used themes from games like Metroid. For example you learn to double jump, ledge grab and sprint which all get you through the level and puzzles. It's pretty hard but if you keep your eye out for ammo and take it slow you will do fine.

TL;DR : Survival horror inspired map with low amount of pickups, secrets to find, longish completion time, 1 life and skills you gain that help you progress through the map.


Version Notes:

v1 - Release.

v1.1 - Made one of the rooms darker, buffed some enemies health. Added a little secret if you managed to kill a super hard enemy (don't try it because he can 1 shot you). v1.1 map ID (THIS IS AN OLDER VERSION): CDUNE4PG

v1.2 - Added a completely new area, can only get to it through a secret teleporter. Once this new area is complete you will gain a damage bonus. Also did a bit of cleaning with the logic. Where is the teleporter to the new area you ask? The hell knight might tell you :). Because this update was a big one, it changed my map ID to a different ID. You can still play the older version as I will leave it up in case you like that version more for what ever reason. New map ID below. (THIS IS AN OLDER VERSION OF THE MAP) : XFGSKTNR

v1.2.1 - Added the pistol as a secondary weapon. As a result of having the pistol as a new weapon, your over all ammo is reduced. Be careful with your burst rifle, it might actuall be better to just use it as a single shot rifle. Unless you are in a panic and try to burst your way out of the situation. Fixed containers, previously you couldn't pick them up. Moved some cores around a little so they didn't spawn in the ground. The map is a little bit harder now but with all the secrets found, it can still be pretty easy. For some reason i keeps giving me a new ID even though this is a minor change... New map ID below.

Feedback is loved and wanted! :)

Map ID:
Map Creator:
Echo Nine
121 views May 27, 2016

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