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Ry-chu's Maps - The Last Stand
Map Description:

Just finished my latest map with help from the lovely people on the forum, thanks again for helping out!

The Last Stand is inspired by survival flash games of old like Defend the House and (surprisingly) The Last Stand.

You are a lone marine, barricaded in a safe room in a demon infested base. All you have are a cache of guns, upgrades and a teleporter offworld, all of which need credits from the corpses of the possessed.

The Game

From behind your barricade, kill all enemies before they reach it, or it'll eventually be destroyed and you will be next. Enemies give Dosh on death that's used to upgrade all your gear in the safe room and unlock traps to activate.

Demons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from lumbering zombies to towering bullet sponges. They are fast, slow, and can also fire laser beams at you from across the map.

After wave 17 new monster spawns stop and all the existing ones will keep getting stronger wave after wave until you're dead or have enough Dosh to repair your teleporter.

It goes without saying but...you only have one chance. When you die, it's game over, but your barricade can be repaired if you survive without it...

Good luck!


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67 views May 24, 2016

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