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"Demon Call" Survival Training
Map Description:

A COD Zombies inspired map. Earn Argent Energy from killing an ever increasing difficulty of demons. Spend that Argent Energy to buy weapons, health, and armor or use it to open doors. When opening a door, the AI resets to the easiest level to give you a break. Each section of the facility has different weapons to buy. There is also a gambling station which (for 750 Argent Energy), gives you a random weapon from around the map (could be a burst rifle that costs 100 Argent Energy or the BFG which costs 10000), gives you nothing, refunds your Argent Energy, refills your health, armor, or both, or increases the difficulty of waves being spawned. Gambling can be risky or rewarding depending on your luck. Survive as long as you can.

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102 views May 23, 2016

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