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Raid Boss: Stage 1
Map Description:

Try this very hard WoW style Raid Boss encounter solo or with your friends. Use your trusty shotgun


  • Scaling difficulty based on number of players.

  • Difficulty increases with each death.

  • Multiple boss phases with increasing difficulty.

  • Give Up button so you can try again.

  • Leaderboard tracks successful kills (positive score) and failed attempts (negative score).

    • 80 solo kills

    • 53 kills with 2 players

    • 9 kills with 3 players

    • 3 kills with 4 players

Map ID:
Map Creator:
tranvv (vtran)
190 views May 23, 2016

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EchoNine SnapMap Pro 210 points
That was really fun, I enjoyed that. Didn't see any bugs and the boss didn't feel too difficult. Feels very wow like, gotta kill those adds ;)
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May 29, 2016