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Dead Simplest
Map Description:

Ok, I've tried to recreate MAP07 from DOOM 2 (Dead Simple : the map with all the Mancubi and Arachnotrons).

I called it Dead Simplest.

It's a single-player map consisting in a central arena where the Mancubi are, and some corridors and rooms around the arena.

Obviously I couldn't use Arachs (and it was a pain to make all the demons spawn properly) so I've made a few changes. For instance, to progress in the level, the player has to explore the corridors and there are a bunch of demons out there.

It's a short map but pretty intense (While not that hard).

There are a few weapons on the map, even a hidden Super Shotgun.

The video showcases a early version of the map. (There is no more Quad-Damage)

Please, let me know if you like it or not.

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179 views May 23, 2016

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