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Echoes of Lazarus
Map Description:

Introducing my first published DOOM SnapMap, "Echoes of Lazarus." This is a large survival multiplayer map for single player or 2-4 player co-op.

Current code is 8N7QV4KG, or just search by tag #echoesoflazarus.


- 1-4 Players (Co-op)

- Enemy health dynamically scales with number of players (i.e. if a player drops out you will not be stuck with overpowered enemies).

- All players share a pooled resource called "Lazarus Echoes"

- Echoes are earned by killing enemies normally

- Normal kills will not cause enemies to drop items, but Glory Kills will

- The catch is, Glory Kills cost you Echoes, instead of earning them. This requires your players to manage their ammo, health, armor, and Echoes carefully. Don't do enough Glory Kills, you might run out of ammo. Do too many, and you might prevent your teammate from purchasing something important.

- Dead players will respawn at the same time, either when all players die, or at the end of the current wave. Each team respawn will cost one Respawn (earned primarily by opening sealed doors).

- Each wave completed with no player deaths will not only increase in difficulty, but will increase rewards for each kill. Once a Respawn is used, these increases are reset.

- Of course, being a DOOM map, it features secrets, bosses, keycards, and environmental hazards.

- You choose when to end the game... choose to fight until you run out of respawns, or open the final airlock if you have the Echoes.

This is version 1.0, please let me know if you find any bugs/exploits/etc. I'm especially interested in anything that breaks in co-op since I have not tested with more than 1 player extensively.

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Map Creator:
202 views May 22, 2016

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